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How To Prepare for a Neurodiverse Workforce

We are seeking 50 businesses who are ready to learn about Neurodiversity and the keys to creating a "Neuro-Ready” environment.
Learn how you can create a Neuro-friendly Work Environment and discover the many benefits of hiring this community and creating a truly diverse and inclusive work environment.




What Neurodiversity is and what it encompasses.



How Employing the Neurodiverse can provide solutions to Businesses and Vice Versa.



How to create a

Neuro-Ready Environment.



Benefits you can receive from employing those considered Autistic or Neurodiverse.



Where to find Neurodiverse candidates.


Along with the educational information on how you can prepare your business to become Neuro-Ready, there will also be a Q&A session where you can get answers to any current unanswered questions. 

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With our group session, you will join other business professionals in creating an exponential growth in the movement of hiring Neurodiverse talent.
Private Sessions are available for businesses that want to go through the workshop as a team. Choose between our virtual workshops or our live in-person option. 


April dates:
Thursday, April 6th 10am EST
Monday, April 10th 12pm EST
Wednesday, April 19th 1pm EST
Monday, April 24th 3pm
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