The Secret To Success and living in the Green Zone - Being ready to learn about how you can live in your greatest place of well-being and apply what you have learned to your life so that you can start moving in the direction of your dreams!  Take a look at our many offerings below and register for the one(s) that will help you move forward in creating your Green Zone Life!

Flagship Training Courses

Self Paced Courses

Foundations for Friendships and Meetup Groups - For Young Adults 

Group Coaching Sessions

Green Zone Life Group Coaching

(This coaching group is included in your FIGZ Elite Membership)

Choose 8- 1 hour sessions or 4- 1 hour sessions. This is offered for either Young Adults (18 and over) or Parents/Caregivers.

A supportive small group environment to allow participants to share experiences, personal desires, deepen their awareness and understanding of the diagnosis. This group will help you achieve more clarity about the future. Make connections with others in the group who can relate to similar experiences and views.

If you are interested in our group coaching, please set up your free 30-minute consultation below.


Free Live Sessions - For the whole Community 


FREE Live Session

Each month Neuroshifts welcomes a special guest to discuss topics surrounding Neurodiversity and the benefits of living in the Green Zone!

Monthly guests include Autism and Neurodiversity experts, well-being experts, Neurodiverse Young Adults who are successfully living with their diagnosis and are now experts in their fields.


FREE Live Session

Oct 3rd at 5pm EST

Join us for this FREE introduction to Sound Therapy. Set the tone for the week and join Neuroshifts as we welcome Krystine Kuecha for an introduction to Sound Therapy. Join us for this special introduction to a method of therapy that can help clear the mind, and lead you to a renewed sense of purpose, well-being, calm, and happiness which we all find in the Green Zone!