Meet Vicky Westra – together with her husband Pier and daughter Gabbi, they are a beacon of hope and inspiration for individuals diagnosed with autism, other neurodiverse conditions such as dyslexia, ADHD, anxiety disorders, and others that are part of vulnerable communities.

Vicky's journey began with a diagnosis that rocked her world… autism for her beloved daughter, Gabbi. Faced with waves of anger, worry, and fear, Vicky knew she couldn't continue to live in that place. A fierce determination ignited within her to find a path towards greater well-being for herself, her daughter, and her husband Pier.

For years, Vicky immersed herself in a tireless pursuit of knowledge, dedicating thousands of hours to studying, attending workshops, and seeking out the wisdom she needed. She delved into the depths of research, exploring various approaches and techniques that could pave the way to a life filled with joy and well-being.

Through her unwavering dedication, Vicky discovered the transformative power of shifting one's mindset, being in the present moment, and embracing a holistic approach to creating greater emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. She witnessed firsthand the incredible impact it had on her own life and that of her husband and daughter. Now, armed with invaluable insights and a deep well of personal experience, Vicky is on a mission to share her wisdom with others.

Vicky's passion now lies in guiding individuals and families towards finding their own path to joy and well-being. With a compassionate heart and a wealth of knowledge, she empowers others to navigate the challenges of neurodiversity and life in general, and build a life filled with hope, resilience, and boundless joy.

As a beacon of light, Vicky invites you to join her, Pier and Gabbi on this transformative journey. Together, let's rewrite the narrative surrounding neurodiversity and create a world where every individual can thrive, embracing their unique strengths and finding true well-being.

Welcome to Neuroshifts… where the seeds of joy and well-being are sown, and lives are forever changed.

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