A Message from our Founder


A Message from our Founder

"Our family’s journey through the world of Autism started when we received the diagnosis for our daughter Gabrielle at the age of four. For many years we suffered, living in a place of anxiety, worry, anger, and fear (which we now call the “Red Zone”) because we didn’t understand our daughter’s diagnosis or her view of the world. Thus, began my personal journey in search of the knowledge, tools, and processes to help create greater well-being (which we now call the “Green Zone”) for our family and to increase our understanding of Autism and our daughter.

I left my corporate job in 2011 and started Artistas Café, providing training and employment for young adults on the Autism Spectrum. It was during this time that I realized how critical mental, emotional and spiritual well-being is not only for our Autism community to achieve work and life success, but for our neurotypical world as well.

Today, we are on a mission to share what we’ve learned to help others both within and outside of our Autism community who are living in the negative Red Zone to shift toward living in the positive Green Zone. There they can experience more hope, appreciation, joy, and unconditional love than they likely have thought possible! As more of us enter into this new place of understanding, we can join together to create a new and supportive environment for us all.”


Vicky Westra

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