The Neuroshifts Family - Team and Board Members.

Our team consists of passionate people dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams and desires in the Green Zone! Many of us were in the same place you are today before we made the Shift. If we can do it, you can too!

Board Members

Pier Westra

Pier Westra was born and raised in Lakeland, Florida before attending high school at The McCallie School in Chattanooga, Tennessee and graduating from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida with a degree in Sociology. Following his undergraduate work, Pier has spent 34 years helping those in need in various roles as a property and casualty claims professional. Managing local, regional and national claims organization in day to day as well as catastrophe situations, he has found value in helping families to rebuild their lives during a time of loss. His ability to martial resources, engage the community and motivate groups to act has brought value to the Non-Profit he and his wife started called Javamo Art for Autism Foundation (later changed to Autism Shifts) and Artistas Café, a social enterprise whose mission is to employ individuals with Autism.

 Pier and his wife Vicky adopted their daughter, Gabrielle, from Romania at age two and who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at the age of four. Pier and Vicky became acquainted with the obstacles that face those with disabilities. Whether in obtaining the best support system available for Gabrielle, or helping young adults on the spectrum reach their highest level of independence and joy. Pier’s desire to serve those with disabilities, in conjunction with his personal and professional experiences, brings a unique and holistic approach to his role on the Board of Autism Shifts as well as Artistas Cafe.

Vicky Westra

Vicky Westra is the Founder of Autism Shifts, a 501(c)3 Non-profit Foundation and Artistas Café, a unique Social Enterprise whose mission is to employ individuals diagnosed with Autism. Prior to her current entrepreneurial role, Vicky worked at Tampa Electric Company for 22 years in various roles. Her last role prior to leaving TECO was Director of Customer Services and Marketing.

 Vicky has a B.S. in Business Marketing from The University of Tampa. She is married to Pier and has one child, Gabrielle (Gabbi). Gabbi was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) when she was four years old. Through their journey with her own daughter, as well as her experience providing training and employment for individuals with Autism, Vicky has developed a very comprehensive and unique understanding of the diagnosis.

Vicky is now on a mission, through Autism Shifts, to provide greater education and understanding about the diagnosis and help communities re-imagine a new world for Autism. Autism Shifts’ programs serve the four groups that are key to making this happen, which include: 1) individuals diagnosed with ASD 2) Parents/Caregivers/Families of those diagnosed 3) Businesses who want to become Autism Employment Ready and 4) the broader population.

Vicky believes the timing is right and Tampa Bay is the perfect place to create the first Autism Ready Community model!


A practical advisor and passionate advocate for his clients, Chris helps businesses prevent and resolve legal disputes, particularly those with their own employees. Chris also regularly represents clients before state and federal administrative agencies and courts. Having a strong background as a litigator and trial attorney, Chris prepares each case with an eye toward trial and fearlessly advocates for his clients. Chris began his legal career as a criminal prosecutor, during which time he tried more than 20 jury trials. Thereafter, Chris represented international corporations, small businesses, and insurers in a variety of legal disputes. While in law school, Chris received the Victor O. Wehle Award for excellence in trial advocacy, served as a Senior Associate on the Stetson Law Review, and interned for the Honorable Susan C. Bucklew, Senior United States District Court Judge for the Middle District of Florida. Chris is also a member of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation's most prestigious academic honor society. When he is not serving his clients, Chris can be found playing softball, hopelessly rooting for the New York Mets, and enjoying his time with his beautiful wife and children.


Dennis has a unique passion for helping others, whether in his profession, community, or circle of friends and family. He was born in KY and locating to Tampa in 2014 with his wife and two boys. He founded Hartin Dynamics in Jan if 2018 doing anything necessary to help his clients attract and retain the best talent. He views The Autism Shifts organization as one of the best programs to help employers connect with our populations with “Uniqueabilities”. After attending Autism Shifts meetings he realized how much this population is underserved. He serves on multiple boards including Autism Shifts the Florida Association of Health Underwriters, Children’s Dream Racer and the National Center for Performance Health. His current efforts align Dynamic solutions that assist in training the neuro diverse, comforting children with cancer and the growing mental health epidemic.


Deloria is the President and Founder of Authentic Culture and Engagement Solutions, Inc. ACE. ACE is a dynamic consulting firm that has a dual focus on organizations and individuals. Dee was recently the Managing Director of Diversity & Inclusion for Charles Schwab & Company where she lead the national Inclusion efforts for the firm. Deloria is a published author and amazing speaker who has worked professionally in Human Resources for more than 25 years with various Fortune 500 companies including Walt Disney World. Deloria’s personal brand is positive energy and an uplifting spirit. Her commitment to Diversity & Inclusion stems from her personal mission statement which encapsulates helping people find and leverage their unique gifts. In her spare time, you will find her writing poetry, spoiling her twin granddaughters or on the farm with her husband, children and adorable goats.


Marilyn is a strategic-thinking Marketing and PR executive with many years of experience driving brand awareness, sales and retention across consumer and business sectors. She currently runs her own Marketing Communications agency called A Strategy Matters. Marilyn brings 25+ years of experience leading national marketing strategy for GTE, Verizon and Frontier Communications. One of her favorite accomplishments was being the Marketing Director that led the team developing the Verizon brand which is currently valued at $65B. Her proudest moment with Autism Shifts was working with the media to launch the Artistas Café Food truck and seeing, Ray, one of our baristas, eloquently represent us on live TV after admitting that before Autism Shifts he had been a glorified mute. “I believe in the work we’re doing and look forward to inspiring our Autism community.”


Prasanna is currently a medical student at Nova Southeastern and has a passion for serving the autistic community. He comes to the Tampa Bay area from Dallas, Texas, his hometown. He graduated from Emory University in 2021 and from Columbia University with a Master’s in Narrative Medicine in 2022. He is the host of a podcast called PlayGround, where he has conversations with strangers about rediscovering their inner child and childhood adventures. He is hoping to become a neurodevelopmental disabilities physician who specializes with children with autism and other developmental disabilities. His dream is to connect the community aspect with the medical approach of neurodiversity as a leader physician and community worker. He has experience volunteering with children with developmental disabilities and is branching out his volunteer experience through Neuroshifts. He also has interests in entrepreneurship and hopes to learn a lot through serving on Neuroshifts executive board.

Team Neuroshifts


Juliana is the proud mother of Nicholas, a young adult on the spectrum. She became familiar with our mission while Nicholas attended Autism Shifts employment-ready program. Inspired by Nicholas’ empowerment and confidence after completing the course, Juliana decided to join the program and has been Neuroshifts Programs Director for the past two years.
Her passion for helping those who are still looking for their path and are ready to pursue a life of well-being is her reason for being a part of our growing community. With a background of 20+ years in managing sales and training, she utilizes her expertise in managing our various courses and social groups.
In her spare time, you will find her baking for family and friends, motivating & supporting Nicholas on his life journey, and spoiling their adopted dog, Norman.
“Autism Shifts, now Neuroshifts, has provided me with the opportunity to do something I truly love. My work with the organization is something that brings me great pride and true joy.”


Diagnosed with autism at a very young age, Remmick has struggled to understand himself and finding his own voice growing-up.
During High School and into college he would volunteer at the Florida Aquarium on weekends as he is passionate about zoology and marine life in particular. Receiving his very first job interview for a cafe employing young adults in the autism spectrum, he was hired as one of first team members at Artista's Cafe.  He has built a strong work ethic working as an artista barista for six years providing customer service.
Outside work, Remmick was mentored by many art instructors from Vosler's Studios, Gessford Studios and renowned concept artists Terryl Whitlatch and Andrew Hou. Inspired by his love of marine life and fantasy, Remmick would create an acrylic/oil painting series of fantasy reef scenes. He has showcased his gallery of fantasy reef paintings around various outlets such as the Florida state fair and other local art shows in Tampa.
Aside from traditional painting and illustrating he has recently expanded his interests and grown a new passion for digital illustration, 3D modeling and animation. Since he has been very involved with technology thanks to his new hobbies he has been prospecting into new career paths to utilize his new appreciation for technology. Remmick is currently pursuing a formal education at HCC and mentorship in information technology and UX design."