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The Green Zone at Work Program helps businesses become Neuro-Ready Certified, allowing them to create work environments where individuals diagnosed with Autism and other Neurodiverse diagnoses can integrate, contribute, grow, and thrive. 


Neurodiverse employees provide businesses with many benefits, especially in today’s times when many companies’ Human Resources teams are experiencing challenges around attracting and retaining talented staff. Not only will engaging this population positively impact these individuals' lives but hiring the Neurodiverse is also good for your business’s bottom line!


Neuroshifts can work with your organization to create a customized program to meet your specific needs! Our program includes a wide array of services designed to provide the support you need to serve your existing Neurodiverse employees and expand your Neurodiverse hiring.

Our Green Zone Work Program includes:

1. Training Certification for Senior Leadership and Front-line Managers – Our program includes four core modules that will provide your leadership team with an understanding of how to work with individuals who are Neurodiverse and equip them with the tools and techniques needed to create better well-being for themselves and their team members. The program helps you to create Diverse and Inclusive environments where everyone feels more valued, accepted, and better able to make their unique contribution. This program also helps leadership to achieve greater mental and emotional well-being and helps employees do the same.

2. Training throughout your organization – we can deliver our transformational training to your entire staff, including front-line team members.

3. Follow-Up support which includes monthly coaching sessions as well as access to support on a real-time basis for your leadership team.

4. Access to Neuro-diverse candidates that are a match for positions within your organization.

5. On-going support for your Neuro-diverse employees who might be having difficulties in their roles or even outside of the work environment, negatively impacting their work-life.

6. Training and support for employees who are parents of Autistic/Neurodiverse children or young adults.

If you would like to learn more about how your organization can become 'Neuro-Ready', please fill out the form and we will contact you within 24 hours.