Avoid Falling into Unconsciousness

Jun 17, 2024

In our world today, many things are happening due to our collective unconsciousness. When we are unconscious, we are acting from a place of disconnection from our highest spiritual selves.
As such, unconsciousness says and does things when we are in the “Red Zone” and experiencing negative emotions such as anger, hate, and fear.
Being in that place can lead to much suffering for us individually, as well as collectively. However, those that walk in great darkness are often well poised to experience enlightenment (or a great awakening). We believe this is happening more and more within our world today.

The definition of “consciousness” according to the Oxford dictionary is “the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings” and “the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world.” Once you awaken, you can experience the world from a different state of mind, body, and spirit. It is experiencing life in a whole new and heightened way.

However, once we experience this state of being, it’s up to us to maintain it. Here are three essential practices we recommend for keeping this place of alignment.

Meditation – is the practice intended to encourage a heightened state of awareness or mindfulness. Most meditation practices center on releasing thoughts to achieve a mentally clear, emotionally calm, and stable condition. It creates a state of being vs. one of thinking or doing.

Meditation has many documented benefits for our spiritual state, but also our physical and mental well-being. It's been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and pain. It can also enhance peace and our state of overall good health .

Being in the Present Moment – we can bring presence into everything we do. It's a practice of focusing on whatever we are doing at the present moment without allowing our minds to take us to a past event or think about a future situation or challenge. While brushing our teeth, we can focus on the feel of the toothbrush in our mouth or our hand moving the toothbrush. While driving our car, we can focus on the position of our hands on the wheel or how our body feels in our seats. If we walk outside, we can know how our feet hit the ground or our arms move. We also might notice the blue sky above or the trees and plants around us. A simple way to practice during your workday or at home is to sit in a chair and bring attention to your body. Focus on your breathing and different body parts like your hands or feet. This practice will get you back into the here and now. Doing this throughout the day can make a big difference in how you feel and significantly reduce the stress and anxiety that may build up.

Releasing resistance – we all experience things that can make us feel resistant. Resistance can be equated to the pain we feel when something we are seeing or thinking about hits our stuff. Often, these emotions can come from something negative that occurred in the past, and we experience the feelings related to that situation repeatedly. The reason for this is that, no matter how often we either respond with an emotion such as anger or try to push the experience away, in actuality it's still within us.

The only way to release resistance is first to set an intention to do so. Once we experience the pain, we want to bring awareness to it. Instead of choosing to react or push it away, we allow it to be there. We relax and do some deep breathing until the emotion passes. We are allowing the pain to pass through us, and the more we practice this, the more we can release that pain, so it has no impact on us.

Using these three practices regularly can allow us to maintain our consciousness and awareness. As we stay in this state more and more, we can find ourselves experiencing more peace and joy. As we remain in this place, we can bring consciousness wherever we go. This will have a very positive impact o n our lives and elevate the world around us.

These are three of the tools you will learn in more depth as we continue this journey to the Green Zone.

With Love and Appreciation,