Benefits to Living a Green Zone Life

Mar 18, 2024

Why would you want to live in the Green Zone? Are the benefits worth the time and focus that you would need to dedicate to living a life spending more and more time in the Green Zone?

Although this way to live life takes deliberate intention and focus, with 15 to 30 minutes a day that you dedicate to the practices that will help you shift more and more quickly into the Green Zone.

So, what do you gain from dedicating your time and focus? Good question! Here are just some of the many benefits that you will gain:

You will experience positive emotions = you feel really good!
If you are experiencing a lot of stress and negative emotions in your life, you will experience immediate relief when you shift into the Green Zone. When you can experience positive emotions, you let go of resistance and negative energy. It’s like giving yourself and emotions a little vacation where you can say “AHHHHH”. Many describe it as being able to relax and breathe.

You experience more energy and vitality
Experiencing negative energy, especially for a prolonged time creates a lot of resistance. Think about a stream and water flowing freely down the stream (that’s you in the Green Zone experiencing the flow of life). Now think about a big rock that falls into the streams and backs up or clogs up the flow of the stream. That is like what resistance feels like in your body. The negative energy keeps you feeling stuck and ultimately wears you down. Most people who have a lot of resistance report feeling tired, have no energy, sometimes even having a hard time moving. When you are in the Green Zone, you have more energy and more vitality. You feel more energized to move towards your dreams and goals.

You have more clarity, inspiration and access to wisdom
When you are in the Green Zone, you can think more clearly about what you truly want and see a path to it. You can have access to more inspired thoughts and ideas that sometimes just drop into your thoughts as if from a divine place. You can also have more wisdom about how to interact with people, how to best manage challenges and finding the best solutions to problems.

You attract what you desire
The law of attraction says that you attract what you think about. In the Green Zone, you are in a good feeling place where you have positive emotions, therefore you will attract other things that match those emotions. For many who spend the majority of time in the Green Zone, it just keeps getting better and better.
You experience all around better well-being.
When you are in the Green Zone, you benefit the body, mind, and spirit. Since all three are energetically connected, when you are in the flow of life, you not only feel better mentally and emotionally, but you can achieve better physical well-being as well. There are many medically verified issues caused by living with prolonged stress and anxiety, so on the other end, being in the flow of life can lead us to many benefits.

These are just five of the many benefits you receive from living in the Green Zone. Now, is this worth you dedicating 15 – 30 minutes a day to achieve? We say “YES”!!!

From the Green Zone

Vicky Westra