Eliminate this Common Limiting Belief

autism empowerment neurodiversity positive thinking wellbeing Aug 01, 2022

"I am not enough" is one of the most common and limiting statements people tell themselves. It stems from a place of not feeling good enough about themselves or unworthy of deserving what they want. When we believe this statement, it can negatively affect anything we try to do or create in our lives.

This statement can apply to many different qualities about ourselves, such as:

• I’m not smart enough

• I’m not talented enough

• I’m not good-looking enough

• I’m not thin enough

• I’m not ________ enough

You can fill that last blank with anything you want, but the message is still the same. The message you are conveying to yourself is, "I don't have what it takes to accomplish whatever I want to."

Sometimes this feeling is generated because we hold a standard of perfection that we will never reach, nor should we. We were not created to be perfect human beings; there is no such thing as that! Other times, we compare ourselves to others and feel we fall short. We will always be able to find someone who is more intelligent, more talented, prettier (or more handsome), thinner, etc., than we are.

Unfortunately, no matter where that belief came from, it has enough power to keep us from achieving what we want in our lives. It's often an ingrained thought or a reflex action until we wake up and decide to confront this negative and yucky feeling habit.

The following are two strategies that you can immediately implement to shift those negative feelings to positive feelings and beliefs that will serve you:

1. Make a Decision

There is so much power in creating a new belief that you are good enough and have what it takes to create anything you desire. That decision alone can start moving you in a different and better mental direction. This decision is something that only you can choose to make, as no one else can do this for you. So, remind yourself when this old thought comes up that you've decided not to expect perfection, as that's merely a façade that holds us back from moving forward.

2. Focus on the Positives

Often, we tend to focus on our shortcomings instead of our strengths or what we do well. Do you accept compliments from others, or tend to dismiss praise quickly? Do you tend to beat yourself up when you make a mistake and spend no time acknowledging yourself when you do something well? Well, now you can change that. You may want to list your talents, abilities, or things you like about yourself to keep them handy when you need reminding of something positive about yourself. You can then become your most supportive advocate!

Using these strategies, you will be ready when that negative little voice rears its ugly head! Being armed with this new sense of awareness can help you catch this voice early on and remind yourself that you decided to change this thought process. Practicing your new belief will empower you and increase your feelings of self-worth. It will also allow you to start letting go of your need to be perfect or compare yourselves to others.

Remember, You Are Good Enough!