Focus On Autism’s “Uniqabilities”- by Vicky Westra

autism neurodiversity neuroshifts positive thinking wellbeing May 25, 2022

When we think about Autism, our minds will typically go to the challenges that the diagnosis brings. The reason for this is because what we read and see on-line as well as through the media is typically slanted towards the challenges of the diagnosis vs. what we call it’s “Uniqabilities” (talents and abilities) or the wonderful things that those diagnosed bring into this world. Although I do see some shifts in this as we are starting to see more shows like “Autism’s Got Talents”, “The Good Doctor” as well as documentaries about what people with Autism bring to the workforce.

Think back to when you or your child received the diagnosis. What was your reaction? Was it positive or negative? I know that as a parent, mine was based on what our doctor communicated with us when he delivered the diagnosis as well as through the on-line research we did after coming home. The information we received was only focused on the challenges that we and our daughter would face because of the diagnosis. No wonder we often found ourselves in a place of worry or fear!

Join us in imagining a world where the shift has already happened and that we see and hear is predominantly about those diagnosed with Autism using their unique talents and abilities to create a better world for themselves and others. We also learn that some of the characteristic of Autism that we initially deemed as negative behavior, are really strengths and in some cases an evolution of our species!

If we just look back in history to the many scientists that were suspected to be on the autism spectrum, we can see what their discoveries meant for all of us. People like Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton whose breakthroughs could have been attributed to the fact that they were on the Spectrum and their different perspectives allowed them to see things differently, hence creating a scientific breakthrough. Now imagine, that happening in every area and people with Autism being able to use their “Uniqabilities” in all different types of arenas.

Well, we can create that world starting today! All we would have to do is individually start making that shift. How would we do this, you ask?? Well if each of us started to shift our focus to the positive side of Autism, we can start influencing those we touch. That’s what happened to us. As a family, we started to think about Autism in a whole new positive way and the wonderful characteristics about our daughter as well as the positive things it has brought to us as a family. Next, we shared our positive perspectives to our family and friends and slowly, they began to see the positives about it. Gabbi is a Rock Star amongst our inner circle as they clearly see her “Uniqabilties”! This has in essence allowed them to think about autism in a positive way as well and share that perspective with their friends. You can see how we can have a ripple effect and how our perspective can help shift the perspective of our inner and outer circle.

When Mahatma Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in the World”, I think this is a great example of how we can be the change for Autism.

With Joy and Love,