How to Attract More Love

Feb 01, 2023

We celebrate Valentine’s Day in the US on February 14th. It's usually the day we express our love for those in our lives. Expressing our love might involve:

- giving and receiving a card
- sending or receiving flowers or a gift
- enjoying a nice dinner at home or making a reservation at a restaurant
or perhaps just by professing love and appreciation to our family, friends, partner, spouse, or others.

We embrace the feeling of being loved and loving others, because love is an emotion at the very top of our emotional guidance scale! That means when we are in a place of feeling and expressing love, we are most aligned with who we are. We call this being in the Green Zone, where we feel the best emotionally.

However, we don’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day to send and receive love. We can look for ways to express love year-round. The fact is that the most loved people are the ones who typically look for ways to share their love with others. So, to experience more love in your life, start looking for ways to express your love to those around you.

The law of attraction says that what you focus on is drawn to you. So, are you spending more of your time loving and appreciating those with whom you share your life, or perhaps feeling frustrated, angry, or blaming others for things they've done instead? If you are unsure, evaluate how those in your life seem to treat you. Do those closest to you act in a kind and loving manner, or get frustrated and angry with you? Do they blame you for things that are going on in their lives?

If you are experiencing the latter, don't wait for those around you to become more loving toward you. Look for ways to become more loving towards them, and you will see things start to shift. Even finding ways to express love to those in your life who are difficult to love can pay great dividends, as frequently, our actions will inspire significant change in others.

Make the month of February the month that you start sending more love into the world year-round! If we can all take this to heart, we will likely see a significant shift in our world.

We Love and Appreciate you all so much!

The Neuroshifts Team