Loving Yourself Attracts More Love 

Apr 07, 2024

It’s common to think that loving ourselves will result in us being too arrogant or conceited.  There are people that can come across as arrogant, however that typically comes from a place of insecurity rather than a healthy love and respect for ourselves.  However, if you don’t love who you are, it’s time to create a healthy relationship with ourselves and appreciate who we are at the true core of our being.  

We can all probably create a long list of all the things we don’t like about ourselves or that need to be “fixed.”  However, if you were asked what do we really like or love about yourself, you may have a hard time coming up with too many things to add to the list.  

We all want to be loved or have loving people in our lives.  However, if we dislike ourselves, why should expect that other people love us?   Also, if we are self-critical, that usually translates to being critical of others.  This quality will certainly not endear us to others.   

There will always be things we can work on to continue to grow and expand.  It’s healthy to identify your areas of growth.  However, if all we see are our faults or areas where we need to improve, we will spend much of our time in what we call the “Red Zone”, experiencing emotions such as anger, blame, or discouragement.  When we identify positive things about ourselves or areas where we have gifts and talents, it creates a good and healthy balance.  

Here are some questions to ask yourself?


  • What qualities do I like about myself?
  • What gifts and talents do I inherently have or have I developed?
  • What positive things would my friends and family say about me?
  • What makes me so unique?


Take the time to write down some things you like and appreciate about YOU.  

The more we can love and appreciate ourselves, the more love and appreciation we attract into our lives.  We can also work on extending that love and appreciation to others vs. finding fault with others.  We can extend understanding to ourselves and to others.


Loving ourselves not only brings many great benefits to us, but spreads more love into the world!

From the Green Zone