Testimonial- Meet Remmick, a former Artistas Cafe barista and current Neuroshifts Team Member

testimonials wellbeing Jan 02, 2019

Diagnosed with autism at a very young age, Remmick has struggled to understand himself and finding his own voice growing-up.

During High School and into college he would volunteer at the Florida Aquarium on weekends as he is passionate about zoology and marine life in particular. Receiving his very first job interview for a cafe employing young adults in the autism spectrum, he was hired as one of first team members at Artista's Cafe.  He has built a strong work ethic working as an artista barista for six years providing customer service.

Outside work, Remmick was mentored by many art instructors from Vosler's Studios, Gessford Studios and renowned concept artists Terryl Whitlatch and Andrew Hou. Inspired by his love of marine life and fantasy, Remmick would create an acrylic/oil painting series of fantasy reef scenes. He has showcased his gallery of fantasy reef paintings around various outlets such as the Florida state fair and other local art shows in Tampa.

Aside from traditional painting and illustrating he has recently expanded his interests and grown a new passion for digital illustration, 3D modeling and animation. Since he has been very involved with technology thanks to his new hobbies he has been prospecting into new career paths to utilize his new appreciation for technology. Remmick is currently pursuing a formal education at HCC and mentorship in information technology and UX design."