Thanksgiving- The Season of Appreciation

autism neurodiversity positive thinking wellbeing Nov 01, 2022

In November we celebrate Thanksgiving, one of our favorite holidays here at Neuroshifts! It's a beautiful season when we can practice the Green Zone emotion of "Appreciation." When we are in the Green Zone, we experience the greatest place of emotional well-being. Appreciation is at the very top of our Emotional Guidance Scale, along with emotions such as love, joy, freedom, and empowerment.

Thanksgiving Day is considered a national holiday in the United States and Canada. It's a time when we celebrate the harvest and other blessings of the past year. Many celebrate the day by gathering with family, saying a prayer of Thanksgiving, and sharing a bountiful meal which might include the traditional fare such as roast turkey, stuffing, potatoes, vegetables, cranberry sauce, gravy, and pumpkin pie.

Most businesses, schools, and governmental offices are closed on Thursday, Thanksgiving day in the US; many even close for a long four-day weekend. In some cities and towns, there are parades and other festivities during Thanksgiving weekend, which allows for more fun and excitement (in the Green Zone as well 😀).

Hopefully, you don’t wait for this holiday to come around once a year to practice appreciation. You can bring the spirit of Thanksgiving, and the Green Zone, into your life daily. A simple way to do this is to start an appreciation journal. You can write down the things you appreciate in a journal for five minutes each day. It can be more important things like a job promotion, meeting a new friend, learning a new skill, or having a fun adventure. However, it can also be for the little things like having a good conversation with an old friend, having a productive meeting at work, or just reading a good book.

Looking for experiences to appreciate allows us to find more of those things in our lives, versus those we don’t like and complain about. This can create a positive point-of-view, drawing more positive things into our lives to appreciate. In other words, as we look for more things to appreciate, we attract more things to be grateful for into our lives.

Appreciation can have many benefits other than just helping us feel good. Being an appreciative person can:

1. Improve our physical health

2. Help us to have more career success

3. Help us have better relationships

4. Make us more optimistic

5. Help us to sleep better

So today, as we enter the Thanksgiving season, make appreciation a daily habit for the entire month. You may experience so many positive changes that you want to continue this habit year-round!

In the meantime, from our families to yours….Happy Thanksgiving!

We appreciate you all year long!

Team Neuroshifts