What You focus on, Expands

autism neurodiversity neuroshifts wellbeing May 25, 2022

Have you ever heard the expression “that which you focus on expands”? If you’ve never heard that expression, or never really thought about the importance of focus and what it can do for your life, it might be a good time to do so now.

For those of you who are Star Wars fans, you may remember in the movie when QuiGon says to Anakin “Always remember, your focus determines your reality”.

Think about the things you have accomplished in your life. The more significant these accomplishments were, the more you can probably correlate it with how much focus, time and attention it took to achieve it.

Many of us can relate to completing a degree, a course, a school year or even just a class in school. All of these accomplishments required focus, and typically the more you focused your time and attention on learning the subject matter, the better grade(s) you received. If you didn’t maintain this level of focus, you most likely would not have achieved this accomplishment. The only exception is that if it was a very easy goal, it most likely would have happened anyway whether you focused on it or not.

Now, let’s think about the things you would like to have in your life but don’t. The question to ask ourselves in this case is whether we really put our focus on what we want to create? You might say “yes, I’ve thought a lot about the things that I want but don’t have”. However, the focus there is on what we don’t have, which is different from actually focusing on what you do want.

So how do we use our power of focus to achieve the things we want? Well first of all, you need to determine what that is. Think about what you actually intensely and deeply desire and imagine how you would feel once you actually achieve it. You can actually even practice being appreciative in advance for already having achieved it.

This seems pretty straight forward, so why don’t most people do this? First of all, being human means that we are more focused at looking at what is, versus what we want to see (which is not currently here in a manifested state).

However, why not be one of the few to create the life you want? If you know that all it takes is to think more about what you want vs. just looking at what is and creating more of the same, shouldn’t you sign up?

That is what we all have the opportunity to do. That’s what I want, and I have a big lofty vision of creating an exponential Shift for our Autism Community. I invite you to join us, because when a small group of people join together with the same focus, they can manifest great things!

From the Green Zone,

Vicky Westra