Think about What You are Thinking About Blog- by Vicky Westra

neurodiversity neuroshifts positive thinking wellbeing May 25, 2022

Most of us allow thoughts to drop into our minds randomly, without any control over what we are thinking. Our minds spend a lot of time replaying what has already happened, almost like a movie playing in our heads. Often, it’s a movie we wouldn’t particularly want to see again, because it reflects something unwanted that we have experienced in the past.

The other scenario is that our thoughts reflect something that hasn’t happened yet, but that we don’t necessarily want to happen. In fact, those thoughts can keep us in a place of worry and fear for extended periods of times. In both of these scenarios, our mind is on autopilot, while these thoughts keep us in a place of not feeling good.

In these scenarios, we either have no awareness of what we are thinking or if we do, we don’t think we have any control over it. We feel like we are a victim of our own thoughts!

However, the good news is that you can be the boss of your own thoughts! Now it’s not about just closing your eyes and thinking “I won’t think about this or worry about this again”, because in about 15 seconds, you will be back to thinking about it. If you tell yourself, “Don’t think about a refrigerator”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A refrigerator!

So what’s the secret to controlling our thoughts? Well, it starts with replacing what we don’t want to think about with what we do want to think about. In the example above, instead of not thinking about a refrigerator, we say “I want to think about a stove”. Now what comes to mind? Yep, a stove.

The key is shifting our thoughts to those that make us feel good, positive and aligned with what we want to create. If we have some of those thoughts identified beforehand, then we can reach for these replacement thoughts more easily when an unwanted thought pops into our mind.

So, let’s set an intention today that we are going to be aware of what we are thinking about and that we are going to focus on those things that we want to see and create in our lives. Even saying this out loud as a mantra will start programming our minds to respond in this way.

Remember, you are in control!

In Joy and Love,