You are the Hero of Your Story- by Vicky Westra

autism neurodiversity neuroshifts positive thinking wellbeing May 25, 2022

If you read any book or see any movie, there is always a hero in the story. Usually, that hero encounters many obstacles and challenges throughout their journey. If you are like me, you find yourself rooting for them and hoping they find their way, no matter how difficult the circumstances may seem.

The hero typically experiences a lot of personal growth through this process. And by the end of the story, they achieve happiness and whatever else they were after…..the relationship, the job/career, the money, or winning the big game. Still, they also become a better, more aligned person.

Well, think about yourself as the hero of your story. You may be going through difficult times, facing obstacles or challenges in your life. It probably feels very hard, and you may even think that you will never get out of your current situation. If so, you likely feel discouraged or down as a result of these thoughts. That's okay, because you are where you are for a reason. However, I’m hopeful that you’ve decided to do something about it because you believe that you can be the hero of your story as well. That’s when the “shift” can occur!

I remember a time when I felt deep despair about where I was in my life. I had been on this journey with a daughter diagnosed with Autism at the age of 4. Gabbi was now ten, and the prior six years had been so hard. I was totally in the “Red Zone” (you will learn about Zones in the weeks ahead), which is a place of worry, frustration, anger, and/or fear. I was also fully believing the stigmatizing definitions of Autism/Neurodiversity I had read extensively about in my research.

I was lying on my bed crying, thinking “How did my life get so hard? Isn’t life supposed to be better than this?”. At that moment, I received a divine thought that planted a seed which would ultimately grow and shift my life in a completely different direction. That thought was, "Life is supposed to be more joyful and fun than this!”

You are at the perfect place to ask yourself that question! Remember, the heroes always want to achieve something important during the period covered by the story. Whatever they want starts taking over their thoughts until it becomes a dominant intention for their life. They may not believe it can happen early on, but as the plot evolves, they experience the growth needed to get up to speed with their desires, which helps them achieve their goal.

In starting this FIGZ program, we want to walk this path with you… guiding you to be your story’s hero and achieve everything you want. Remember Yoda in Star Wars? He was Luke's guide, always there in the background rooting Luke on and giving him the wisdom, knowledge, and tools to keep him moving forward on his journey. The hero always has everything they need; the guide reminds them how to tap into those strengths. We want to be your Yoda ☺!

You have everything you need inside you. Trust that you are here for a reason and have connected with us for a reason. We believe that you can be, do or have anything you desire. We will hold that place of knowing for you until you start seeing it and feeling it for yourself.

With every person within our community that makes this “shift” in their life and achieves what they desire, it brings us all one step closer to helping our neurodiverse community to achieve that “shift” as well.

Your life is a rock thrown into the ocean, which creates a ripple. See that ripple extending out and growing larger and larger, ultimately forming a wave that will create positive momentum for us all. That is the power that is within you!

We are so glad that you are ready to begin writing (or rewriting) your life story. There may be some challenges ahead, but remember, you've got what it takes to find your way around those obstacles and to continue moving forward with confidence.

We will be here, cheering you on and connecting with you as you go, ready to impart any wisdom, tools, or connections you might need to keep moving ahead.

You are now in the perfect place to begin this new adventure!

From the Green Zone,